Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) Cladding


ACP Cladding is frequently used for external cladding of buildings (building facades). AluGlass can repaint/refurbish panel from corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other processes that would degrade the material over time. ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) cladding is a common building material used in construction for both decorative, residential and commercial purposes.

ACP is composed of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a core material, which is commonly formed of mineral-filled core (FR) or polyethylene (PE), a fire-resistant content. Our panels are renowned for their adaptability, beauty, and reliability.

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) Cladding Services

We provide a wide range of Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) cladding services that cover design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, and even system modification. These services are necessary to make sure that ACP cladding complies with the specifications and standards of a given project.

The following are the main services related to ACP cladding:

Engineering and Design Services:

Our qualified engineers and designers can provide custom ACP cladding solutions that are specifically suited to the project’s specific architectural and aesthetic needs. The creation of intricate cladding designs makes use of computer-aided design (CAD) and three-dimensional (3D) modelling, enabling precise visualization and planning.

Manufacturing and Fabrication:

ACP panels are made by our skilled fabricators in accordance with design specifications, making sure they adhere to safety and quality standards. ACP panels might need to be precisely cut and shaped to meet the structure’s architectural style. For these uses, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are frequently employed.

Customised Services:

ACP panels can be tailored to the desired aesthetic for the building facade or interior in terms of colour, texture, and finish. ACP panels can have custom images, patterns, or logos added using printing technology.

Combining of components

ACP panels can be installed by qualified personnel on the interior or exterior of the structure, guaranteeing proper alignment and secure connection. Weatherproofing and sealing For the cladding system to remain intact and to prevent water intrusion, proper sealing and weatherproofing techniques must be used during installation.

Quality Control

To ensure that ACP panels satisfy design specifications, industry standards, and safety requirements, thorough inspections are carried out.

Manufacturing and Fabrication:

To make sure it is suitable for the intended application, ACP cladding may undergo performance testing, such as bearing load and wind resistance tests.


ACP panels with fire-resistant cores (FR) can be used to ensure compliance with building rules and regulations for projects with strict fire safety standards, or for cladding that has received a fire rating

Repeated Maintenance

Regular maintenance procedures including cleaning, inspections, and resealing aid in extending the life and aesthetic appeal of ACP cladding. ACP Cladding Repairs: Technicians are able to take care of any deterioration or damage to ACP cladding, whether it involves replacing panels or fixing problems with seals and fasteners.

Safety precautions (training and evaluations):

 To aid with maintenance, repairs, and future modifications, complete technical documentation should be provided. This should include installation instructions, specs, and warranties.

Sustainability, disposal, and recycling

ACP panels should be properly disposed of and recycled in an environmentally friendly way at the end of their lifespan.

there are several benefits of ACP Cladding

Architectural and construction projects can benefit greatly from the versatility and strong demand of aluminium composite panel (ACP) cladding. The following important factors are what motivate its extensive use:

  • Weather Resistance
  • Weightless and Ease of Installation
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Fire Safety
  • Maintenance or Simple Cleaning
  • Recyclability and Sustainability
  • Exterior Cladding and Interior Decoration


These services ensure that ACP cladding systems are successfully planned, manufactured, installed, and maintained, making them essential elements in architectural design and construction projects. The longevity, appearance, and functionality of ACP cladding can be improved by working with experts and upholding safety and quality requirements.