Paint Touch Up


We are Dubai’s leading provider of paint touch-up services. We also have experts for many additional services that you could require. Therefore, we are able to manage a range of projects. Have you recently painted your home of office but unintentionally damaged some wall fragments, ruining the freshly applied paint job? You don’t need to have the coating work again, so there’s no reason to worry anymore.

By performing wall touch-ups in Dubai, we can assist you in repairing the paint on the walls (interior or exterior). No doubt, it is less expensive than having the walls painted. Additionally, all of our employees got professional training so they are able to complete the touch-up work quickly and efficiently.

We are giving following types of paint touch-up services

We believe you would find our other services interesting. Some of our professional services are listed below. Hope you enjoy it. We are Dubai, United Arab Emirates’ top maintenance company.

Touch-Up Wall Painting Services

A dent or damage is never hidden, whether it is on the exterior or interior of your home or office. Your interior or exterior walls’ overall appearance and feel can be ruined by that one damaged region. Send one of our experts to the spot to conduct the survey. You don’t need to be concerned about the colour or any design that was applied there. All of these would be handled by our experts with the utmost care and sincerity.

Touch-Up Ceiling Painting Service

The paint on ceilings frequently peels off as a result of dampness or pipe leaks. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Whether they are in your home or place of business, our skilled crew will fix any dents or scuffs on your ceilings. You simply recline and unwind.

Doors Touch Up Painting Service

Doors may sustain damage and have the paint peel off them as a result of accidents. It unquestionably undoes all the painting efforts. Instead of bothering, think about using our Dubai imperial painting touch-up services. With the help of Alu Glass LLC’s skilled service, we only manage to make painting tasks dependable and simple.

Why do you hire us?

There are undoubtedly numerous contractors who offer the same services, but not all of them are qualified professionals. If you want to prevent problems like not finishing the project on time and making a mess all over your home, you should always hire pros.  Although our cost aren’t cheap, but our services are

  • efficient and quick
  • Cost-friendly
  • All of the staff working for our company are incredibly talented and committed to their jobs
  • our employees are always dressed appropriately for work

Find the painting touch-up service that best suits you by browsing our specialization. Hire us right away so we can fix your home, commercial, or industrial paint touch up, whether they are internal or exterior.


Having issues with some of the interior or exterior wall paint? Don’t worry about it any longer. We can assist you in fixing it quickly and affordably. As soon as possible, have the inside and exterior walls of your home, business, or industrial facility painted.