Polyurethane Coating


Our speciality at Aluglass LLC is spray painting and commercial and industrial polyurethane coating. Depending on the work, our turnaround time for finished products is normally seven to twelve days. We never compromise on quality or value in order to make this deadline. Our skilled team is dedicated to meeting your high standards, finishing jobs on schedule, and providing a broad range of coating, re-coating, and spray-painting finishes for every work. Rather than painting outside where dust, pollen, and other pollutants could settle in, we use a spray painting studio.


Our expertise and prior experience

Our spray painters are highly skilled experts with an extensive amount of industry knowledge. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals that have done this before and are dedicated to always going above and beyond for our clients. Look it up from one of our loyal customers to check whether this is accurate! We believe that our commitment to providing excellent customer service directly accounts for our high rate of repeat business and positive reputation.

We are highly experienced at respraying suspended ceilings

We have set up metal pan ceilings, perforated ceilings, and acoustic ceiling tiles. We deliver outcomes that are “as good as new” for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new suspended ceiling. A unique coating is sprayed on all of the ceilings to stop the top tiles from bridging or the perforated tiles’ holes from filling in.

Any ceiling vacant space can be sprayed by us

whether built of wood, concrete, or metal. Any services situated in the ceiling void may be sprayed in or masked to keep any overspray from coming into touch with them. Our multi-surface coating will adhere to a broad range of surfaces.

Decor for the interior

Interior Spray is our area of expertise. They spray paint walls, office partitions, handrails, staircases, and pretty much any other interior component. The procedure of respraying our previously painted areas is more cost-effective and efficient than using a brush and roller. We also spray paint new plaster because it produces a consistently smooth surface free of roller or brush marks.

Elevator doors can fade and get marked by heavy foot activity, giving the appearance of an otherwise gorgeous storefront that is run-down. Our services include cleaning, priming and spray painting your lift doors in any corporate or design colour to make them seem brand new.

Regular Spraying of the Exterior


We have a spray paint solution for refurbishing or recoloring doors, whether they are the sophisticated doors to your retail store or reception area or the industrial doors that must withstand hard use. The process will involve a skilled cleaning, preparation, masking, and spraying process.


Aluminium and UPVC windows in business and retail settings can be painted to look brand new for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones. You may spray paint the windows any colour you like, including white.

The majority of contemporary commercial structures have curtain walls or cladding.We have a great deal of experience painting and refurbishing these kinds of buildings. Whether your design is a metal curtain wall framework or a composite panel-clad building, we can clean and prepare the surfaces and then use our specialised techniques to respray the building in any colour you like. Recoating and respraying the framework of the shop front. 

We regularly install shutters, suspended or curtain walls, doors, and windows. Working around store hours, Aluglass LLC is used to fulfilling the tight timetables that are common in the retail sector.

Polyurethane Coating offer several benefits

Our values come first and we ensure that they are reflected in the work we do and how we operate as a company.
  • Painting is an option if it fits inside our booth.
  • There is an almost infinite choice of colours.
  • Reasonable pricing
  • A great deal of years of experience.
  • Promised High-Quality Work
  • Sealer + Basecoat

Before painting, a two-pack epoxy primer should be applied to ensure a strong coating that can resist environmental threats including moisture and rust. After using a two-pack primer, our skilled preparation team at No. 1 Painting Company in Dubai may sand down the primed coating to create a level, smooth surface that is prepared for a top coat. If at all possible, that ought to be carried out in a dust-free atmosphere. In our state-of-the-art spray booth, the ideal environment is produced for a perfect finish.