“Why Work with Us”

The Middle East has become one of the standards for high-performing, elegant structures in Asia. With this, we in Aluglass value the importance of the image our clients have to establish. We ensure to give the best service our clients need – a service with excellent quality while maintaining a reasonable cost.

Over a decade in the business, we have kept an excellent record in paint refurbishing and repair. We are also in demand of contractors that are in the construction phase as an assistant in metal coating and façade construction. Given the wide-range comprehensive services that we offer our team has established an excellent rapport with our established clients making them a returning clients for a long period of time.


Every member of the team is designated to the appropriate job that they are qualified to be in and continuously trained to hone their existing knowledge and ability to perform in every project given.



Our team’s health and safety are an important part of the operational procedures at ALUGLASS. We provide modern occupational health and safety system incorporates accident preventions, occupational illness, health hazards and occupational well-being. We also ensure the presence of an appropriate first-aid facilities at all times.