Steel Fabrication

Steel FabricationWe are the leading Steel Fabrication Company. We have been involved in metal, Stainless Steel Fabrication for past 5 years. Our team has experienced welders, engineers and workers who provide quality work within delivery time. Of many steel fabrication companies we are well known for our quality and competitive cost and perform repetitive projects with government bodies.

Architectural Metal Works

Architectural Metal WorksAluglass Steel Fabrication, We supply and install custom-designed fabrication and cladding in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and composite aluminium panels. This includes conceptualization, engineering and fabrication of railings, building exteriors and facades, and specialized architectural metal works.

Pipe Fabrication

Pipe FabricationSteel Casing Pipes require professional quality welded pipe. Aluglass Steel Fabrication is a major structural grade steel pipe supplier that fabricates custom length pipe and assemblies for customers in the building and utility construction industries. Most of our fabricated steel pipe orders require adjoining welds, such as midwelds etc.


WeldingWelding is the process of permanently joining two or more metal parts, by melting both materials. The molten materials quickly cool, and the two metals are permanently bonded. At Aluglass Steel Fabrication, we have highly trained and qualified welders as a part of our team to provide best quality services in the region.

Storage Tanks

Storage TanksAluglass Steel Fabrication is a full range designer, fabricator and field erector of steel structures including aboveground storage tanks, bins, stacks, silos, and vessels. Our highly qualified staff and state of the art machinery is used for the purpose.


ErectionAll kinds of Fencing like, Steel panel temporary Fencing & Hoarding Covering all the emirates, Supply & Installation Chain link, Fence with all systems, Gates sliding and swing type, Pole Barrier and security System.

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water TreatmentWe deliver the best quality solutions for wastewater treatment, our control and sludge treatment with minimal environmental nuisance, from the construction phase through to plant operation. As for water treatment works, we can generate drinking water quality, cost effectively, via tertiary treatment systems such as reverse osmosis. We also have the vehicle for producing reuse water quality for various reuse water applications for industries such as district cooling or irrigation.